Phoenix Condor


Exquisite form meets

dual function.



Phoenix Condor

Not just a multi-microphone array with a pickup range of up to 30 feet, the Phoenix Condor also features a built-in SIP phone.

HD Phoenix audio quality wrapped in beautiful design, the Condor was created specifically to do away with unsightly on-desk solutions. Instead this slim 48” bar mounts either above or below your big screen.

Top features

  • 15-microphone array

  • 180-degree angular reception

  • Optimal pickup range: 25 feet

  • Built-in IP phone (SIP)

  • Echo cancellation and noise suppression (no pumping noise >15dB)

  • Full 100% duplex, low (10ms) latency



  • Wall mounts for a sleek, clean boardroom look

  • Optional stand mount for flat surfaces

  • Easily connects to any video conferencing system

  • Compatible with any type of loudspeaker, including external sound bars or monitor speakers



  • Large conference rooms

  • Classrooms and training rooms

  • Webinars


View the video

Sleek good looks, high-impact sound. See the Phoenix Condor in action.