Phoenix Octopus


is a versatile audio

conferencing mixer with

limitless scalability.


Phoenix Octopus


Phoenix Octopus

With innovative technology that automatically monitors and mixes the audio, Phoenix Octopus obviates the need for expensive technical audio conference support. The Octopus mixer lets you mount microphones and speakers anywhere in a room, whether it be on table tops, walls, or even the ceiling.

Each Octopus unit has multiple microphone inputs. It’s exceptional daisy-chain capability means the number of microphones you can connect is virtually limitless.

Top features

  • Acoustic echo cancellation

  • Full duplex audio

  • Automatic gain control

  • Noise suppression

  • Bridging



  • Easy installation and setup

  • Intuitive – it thinks for you by automatically assessing and controlling the mixing parameters

  • Zero ongoing support required – set it up once and forget about it



  • Conference rooms, small to large

  • Auditoriums, courtrooms and webinars

  • Classrooms and lecture halls


View the video

Easy to use, easy to scale, see Octopus audio conferencing mixer in action.