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Vidyo® Solutions

Changing the face of education, healthcare and financial services.

From on-demand teaching to research collaboration with academic colleagues around the globe, Vidyo® moves education beyond the classroom with affordable HD video conferencing solutions specially developed to meet the needs of school-level and tertiary education institutions.

‘Doctors Without Borders’ gets new meaning, thanks to the power of Vidyo®. From virtual patient visits to expert medical advice for rural clinics and hospitals, instant online diagnosis to remote patient monitoring, Vidyo® makes it possible.

Break down distance and communication barriers and build brand loyalty with video-enabled financial services. From face-to-face online banking to video-enabled insurance claims, Vidyo’s® financial services offering makes money personal.


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Vidyo® Education Solutions

Vidyo® conferencing solutions expand the reach of educational programmes. Bring students, teachers and outside experts together for richly collaborative educational experiences.

Vidyo® Financial Services Solutions

In-branch or at home, get one-click access to expert financial advice. VidyoWorks™ video-enables your client services and integrates seamlessly with your financial services infrastructure.

Vidyo® Healthcare Solutions

Enable effective video communication and collaboration between hospitals, clinics and research centres. The future of telemedicine and telehealth is Vidyo®.

Top reasons to choose Vidyo®



All network links suffer from congestion and packet loss from time to time. Vidyo® conferencing solutions seamlessly conceal errors when they occur, and restore quality when conditions improve. You get lifelike HD video conferencing with no loading times and no signal breakup.

Intuitive and easy to use

Vidyo® solutions automatically adapt to your network and the devices you use to deliver the best experience possible for every user. Click-to-connect simplicity and the ability to customise Vidyo® are just two of the features that make this the most user friendly HD conference call option on the market.


The innovative architecture we use allows us to provide you with high definition video calling over existing networks and the internet. Vidyo® solutions also integrate seamlessly with your current video conferencing hardware, allowing for a smooth migration to new HD technology. The result? Affordable, HD-quality video conferencing for any business, large or small.

Flexible and scalable

Only Vidyo® delivers 100+ concurrent HD connections per virtual appliance. Its ability to expand as your business grows is unmatched. Vidyo® components are also software-upgradable to deliver new features and enhanced performance down the line.



Vidyo® how-to videos

From logging in to VidyoMobile™ to getting started with VidyoRoom™ – view our informative how-to videos.

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