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Vidyo® Education Solutions

With Vidyo®, schools and universities are able to experience lifelike video conferencing using their existing networks. Utilising off-the-shelf hardware, makes this a much more affordable solution than conventional video systems.

HD quality video conferencing

The VidyoCampus™ programme has been designed for education institutions. A single site licence includes a bundle of VidyoRouter™ appliances and concurrent software licences, the VidyoPortal™ appliance, and VidyoDesktop™ client licences for desktop and mobile devices. Site licences are tiered based on the total number of enrolled students and affordably priced for any budget.


Recording and webcasting

As the name suggests, the VidyoReplay™ Web casting and recording appliance can record conferences and make them available for individual instruction, teacher training, and much more.


Truly collaborative web conferencing

Educators no longer have to choose between high-quality personal interactions with students and the powerful content sharing and management tools offered by web conferencing. Vidyo® has partnered with Adobe to deliver an integrated solution that brings together the best of all worlds. The Vidyo® pod for Adobe Connect 8 makes high definition quality video interaction an easy-to-use, natural extension to the Adobe Connect Web conferencing environment.


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