Vidyo® Healthcare Solutions



extending HD-quality

video conferencing

to healthcare professionals.


Vidyo for healthcare


Vidyo® Healthcare Solutions

High-quality video communication solutions are ideal for medical professionals in emerging markets. With many people unable to travel long distances to receive quality healthcare, the connected age provides solutions for not only telemedicine and patient care, but also investigative research and other programmes. Vidyo® has a range of offerings for healthcare providers that promote effective video communication, are used to collaborate, and are cost-effective to implement.

With Vidyo®, hospitals, specialised medical centres, and physician clinics have access to lifelike-quality video conferencing from any mobile, desktop, or room using the internet with no delays in picture or audio quality.

The video stream is completely encrypted and has HIPAA-compliant security features. Vidyo® solutions integrate easily into existing healthcare environments and support a variety of medical devices. It is also completely interoperable with existing conferencing infrastructure.

The Vidyo® for Healthcare Solution provides customers with complete versatility, so they can customise it according to their specific requirements through an Application Programming Interface (API) and Software Development Kit (SDK).


  • Patient/physician consultations

  • Physician/specialist consultations

  • Remote patient diagnostics

  • Remote surgical consult

  • Resident and intern training and education

  • Telestroke and teleneurology

  • Geriatric home healthcare


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