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Cost effective, scalable and portable – Vidyo® connects your world like never before.

The innovative architecture of Vidyo® utilises existing networks and the internet to bring you reliable HD video conferencing at a fraction of the cost of traditional video conferencing.

From the capability of the multi-screen VidyoRoom™ to VidyoMobile™ that turns your smartphone or tablet into a high-performance video call tool, Vidyo® is the world leader in affordable, accessible video conferencing.

Sole importers of Vidyo® since 2010, Q Distribution offers customers the full Vidyo® product range.


From manufacturing to corporate, financial services to health and education, Vidyo transforms the way we interact. View the video, discover how Vidyo makes a difference.

Vidyo® conferencing endpoints

Experience top-quality, immersive video conferencing on
mobile devices, desktops, laptops and appliance-based room systems.


Bring lifelike, high definition video conferencing to your desktop computer. Connect to anyone, anywhere, using the hardware you already have.


More participants in more places. From a conference room, to a huddle area, to a mobile cart, cost effectively Vidyo-enable your whole business.


Leave the room without leaving the meeting – get HD video conferencing on your smartphone or tablet.


Connect to a meeting from any enabled Web-browser without requiring an application download or plug-in.


Vidyo® conferencing infrastructure

Turn ordinary IP networks into state-of-the-art video
communication systems without breaking the budget.


Optimised video conferencing for hundreds of participants, on any device. This is the heart of the Vidyo® conferencing system.


Affordably integrate your current video conferencing system with Vidyo®.


Anytime, anywhere, browser-based access to manage your Vidyo® conferencing system.


The easy way to record and securely webcast conferences, off-line or in real time.

Top reasons to choose Vidyo®



All network links suffer from congestion and packet loss from time to time. Vidyo® conferencing solutions seamlessly conceal errors when they occur, and restore quality when conditions improve. You get lifelike HD video conferencing with no loading times and no signal breakup.

Intuitive and easy to use

Vidyo® solutions automatically adapt to your network and the devices you use to deliver the best experience possible for every user. Click-to-connect simplicity and the ability to customise Vidyo® are just two of the features that make this the most user friendly HD conference call option on the market.


The innovative architecture we use allows us to provide you with high definition video calling over existing networks and the internet. Vidyo® solutions also integrate seamlessly with your current video conferencing hardware, allowing for a smooth migration to new HD technology. The result? Affordable, HD-quality video conferencing for any business, large or small.

Flexible and scalable

Only Vidyo® delivers 100+ concurrent HD connections per virtual appliance. Its ability to expand as your business grows is unmatched. Vidyo® components are also software-upgradable to deliver new features and enhanced performance down the line.



Vidyo® how-to videos

From logging in to VidyoMobile™ to getting started with VidyoRoom™ – view our informative how-to videos.

Vidyo® support

Need support with your Vidyo® system? We’re here to help – just submit our Vidyo® Support form.

Vidyo® white papers

Read what industry experts have to say about the future of video conferencing.