turns your video

conferencing into a

lifelike experience

on up to 6 screens.


Vidyo Panorama



Traditionally, companies have been hamstrung by the exorbitant costs associated with high-quality, immersive video conferencing solutions. Enter VidyoPanorama™ – a superior HD video conferencing solution that’s up to 90% cheaper than traditional conference call systems.

VidyoPanorama™ eliminates the need for custom-built conference rooms altogether. It connects to multiple endpoints, from smartphones to desktops, taking into account the processing capabilities of each end device and available network conditions. The result? An optimised HD video experience for all users.

Top features

  • Best-in-class telepresence quality – 1080p at 60fps resolution

  • Lowest latency – under 20ms

  • Intuitive user interface with single-click support to join conferences

  • Exceptional HD video conferencing over the internet or general data networks

  • Seamless integration with mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android) and computers (Windows, Macintosh, Linux)



  • Scalable and modular, you can add screens as needed

  • Flexible and customisable, irrespective of the room or device you’re using

  • Collaborate with remote participants on any device

  • See and compare data from multiple participants on multiple screens

  • No performance degradation caused by transcoding

  • Lower upfront costs

  • Lower operating costs as it utilises any broadband IP network



  • Operations management centre for manufacturing or supply chain management

  • Command centre for disaster recovery efforts or military applications

  • Patient monitoring in a doctors’ or nurses’ station at a hospital or clinic

  • Distance learning with multiple experts or lecturers for remote or rural communities

  • Virtual trading rooms for financial services to coordinate strategies across geographies in real time


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Want faster, more effective HD video conferencing for more people? VidyoPanorama’s big-screen functionality makes it perfect for big businesses.