Optimised video conferencing

for hundreds of participants,

on any device –


is the heart of the Vidyo®

conferencing system.


Vidyo Router



VidyoRouter™ is the first technology to deliver high definition quality video conferencing over fixed-line and wireless networks to room-based systems, PCs and Macs, tablets and smartphones without any page load delays.

Top features

  • Resolution of up to 1440p/60 fps per endpoint

  • Real-time network monitoring allowing for dynamic optimisation of resolution, bit rate, and frame for each user.

  • Up to 100 concurrent HD connections

  • Transcode-free. Imperceptible latency of less than 20ms

  • Seamless HD quality over links with variable bandwidth and bandwidth as low as 384kbps



  • Optimised viewing experience for each user

  • Conserves bandwidth

  • Off-the-shelf hardware means it’s cost-effective for companies large and small. Savings of up to 90% compared to traditional MCU-based systems