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Our mission at Q Distribution is fairly single minded, we live to make your business better – simpler, faster, more intuitive, more responsive.

The business of making business better

Established in 2005, Q Distribution initially focused solely on providing video conferencing and audio conferencing solutions to the South African market, with a particular focus on our position as exclusive importer of Vidyo®.

But there is so much more to modern business than conferencing, which is why our 2019 tie-up with Lemon Systems acted as a catalyst for expanding. Today Q Distribution leads the way in equipping South African businesses with technological solutions that revolutionise communications, customer and business processes, and systems and software development.

About Q Distribution

Whatever your industry, whatever your size, contact us today for a turnkey solution to all your business needs.

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Connecting our clients

Whatever business you’re in, optimize the way you work with a targeted tech-smart solution.