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Video Conferencing Software Solutions




Reach your staff where they are. Share images, messages and videos quickly and easily with digital displays companywide.

Zoom is not just one of the world’s top video conferencing brands, it’s a tool that lets you communicate with all your staff thanks to ZoomRoom’s advanced digital signage capabilities. Want to get the most out of your ZoomRoom system? Call us now.
ZoomRooms video conference systems - Q Distribution



The only omnichannel customer flow and business process management tool you’ll ever need.

Established in 2002, US-based Q-nomy is an industry leader in delivering turnkey solutions to optimise every customer, client or patient contact point. In-store, online, on the phone – Q-nomy integrates it all seamlessly with the rest of your business processes. Faster, better service; shorter queues; more appropriate outcomes. It sounds like a lot, but what it really means is simple – happier customers.
Q-nomy omnichannel management tool - Q Distribution

Manage your queues and routing intelligently, whether in-store, online or on the phone

Increase sales by entertaining customers with targeted queue messages

Identify staffing levels requirements and challenges quickly

Manage appointments in any store or branch, anywhere

Integrate it with appointments made online, on the phone or at any other contact point

Dovetail appointments made with the staff resources required for optimal service

Seamlessly transfer processes between different business units

Streamline workflow, ensure business rules are followed and unresolved cases are not forgotten



Don’t just talk to your customers, really connect with them with VidyoEngage’s live video chat.

Want to reduce customer drop-off, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty and drive revenue? VidyoEngage’s video chat lets you speak to more customers, more effectively, more often.
VidyoEngage customer service video chat - Q Distribution

Have real-time, face to face conversations on tablet, phone or PC

Ideal for contact centres, company websites, in-store or branch kiosks

Enhance the customer experience with kills-based call routing – get the right staff handling the right queries

Stream customers more effectively, minimise waiting times

Access expert agent assist, regardless the branch

Advanced encryption and security

Network adaptation for dynamically optimised video

High resolution endpoint support




The only custom-developed accounting and management tool for South African lawyers and advocates.

Completely browser-based, offering anytime, anywhere access on any smart device, LawPracticeZA organises and controls your entire legal practice on one iron-clad secure platform.
LawPracticeZA online accounting tool - Q Distribution

Robust accounting and data integrity

Full business and trust accounting

LPA 86(4) investment accounting

Bank reconciliation, auto imports from all SA banks

VAT report for easier SARS submissions

Diary, timesheets and timekeeping tools

Fee earner target tracker

Online document upload facility for clients

Unlimited online support at no extra cost

Invoices in seconds; recurring billing tool for retainers

Bulk invoice and statement mailing with bounce monitoring

Multiple currency billing tool


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