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Want to take your business to new heights? Custom build a system that actually works.

Video Conferencing Software Solutions




Messaging and voice API specialists, Nexmo helps you custom build innovative communications solutions for any app, website or voice-based system.

Established in 2010, Nexmo has quickly established itself as the communications API market leader. With its 24/7 support and comprehensive developer resources, Nexmo is loved by developers, but it’s made for business.
Nexmo messaging voice APIs - Q Distribution


Voice API – the fastest way to build voice applications in the cloud

Verify API – easily confirm you can contact a user at a specific number; guard against spam; monitor suspicious activity

Number Insight API – real-time info about the validity and reachability of a number

Messages API – send and receive messages over Facebook Messenger, Viber and WhatsApp

TokBox API – embed video, voice, messaging, and screen sharing into web and mobile apps

Enhanced platform security – between customers and Nexmo APIs, on the Nexmo Dashboard, between Nexmo and carriers

Reliable platform with industry-leading 99,99% uptime

Regular off-site backups

Comprehensive tool kit for quick building, testing and implementation

APIs connect to the robust Vonage tier 1 network

Dedicated support engineer

From API training to code review, Nexmo is there every step of the way

Quick-start guides and tutorials; debugging tips; libraries in 6 languages


Video chat for any web, mobile or desktop app – it’s easy with

Want to embed single or multi-party video chat into your app in minutes? The API platform is the answer. The brainchild of video conferencing leaders, Vidyo®, gives developers the tools they need to easily integrate group video communications into any app, without needing to become video experts. video chat API - Q Distribution

Crystal display with up to 4K UHD resolution

Native support for WebRTC, build full featured video chat apps running in a browser

Scalable video coding; intelligent routing – dynamically optimise streaming to be device appropriate

Consistent APIs and SDKs to rapidly build your video chat app on all major platforms

How-to videos, learn how to code with

Instant developer help on the community


Master Penny

Manage every aspect of your business operation with one software tool.

Developed in South Africa for South African business, Master Penny’s unique business operation software controls, organises and simplifies modern business. From inventory and sales, to invoicing and accounting, to internal and external communications, Master Penny delivers custom-built systems that integrate every aspect of your business.
Master Penny business operation software - Q Distribution

Easily create purchase orders and multiple purchase orders along with auto-generated mail alerts to suppliers

Keep track of recent cost prices and simplify stock take

Marry multiple customer lists with complex promotion plans

Simplify your point-of-sale integration with the rest of your business systems

Invoice and payment recons at the touch of a button

Post-invoicing account allocation made easy

Simplified trust fund management tools for estate agents and attorneys

Track and manage all externally-generated communications – from incoming emails and voicemails, to input on your website or social media platforms

Track and manage internal day-to-day communications, from diary bookings, to personal reminders, to business-wide notices

Get alerts on matters requiring action

Get alerts when the status of flagged matters change


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