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Streamline patient flow; improve specialist healthcare access; provide appropriate aftercare. Our telehealth and management systems deliver.

Video Conferencing Software Solutions



As official supplier for Zoom, Vidyo, Q-nomy and Nexmo, we’re ideally placed to help you with custom telehealth, health app and patient management solutions.


Optimizing the patient journey with Q-Nomy’s Patient Management System.

From hospitals to outpatient clinics to pharmacies, Q-Nomy’s specialised healthcare management software streamlines every patient interaction

Increase patient engagement with self-service booking and interaction tools

Plan, control, and direct patient queueing and flow

Streamline and harmonise resources, processes and workflows


Vidyo leads the way in telehealth with real-time video purpose built for healthcare.

Remotely monitor your ICU

Have multidisciplinary bedside consults

Increase access to specialists

Effectively manage chronic cases remotely

Perform remote follow-ups and rounds, reduce preventable readmissions

Manage chronic disease cases, get co-ordinating care for complex cases

Expand your health system reach to step-down facilities and the home environment

Improve post-operative compliance

Expedite triage of low-acuity presentations

Provide virtual urgent-care specialty consults for minor injuries and illnesses

Minimize transfers with remote access to specialists like psychiatrists

Engage patients in their homes to educate, co-ordinate care and improve medication adherence

Reduce preventable readmissions

Identify opportunities for early intervention

Manage chronic conditions and increase patient access

Eliminate distance barriers through virtual consults


Zoom’s advanced technology delivers high quality telehealth video, even in low bandwidth environments.

Utilise existing resources and systems to expand telehealth services affordably and easily

Examine patients virtually, far-end camera control makes it possible

Collaboration tools like shared-screen annotation enhances support from fellow medical practioners

End-to-end 256-bit AES encryption means sharing images and test results with specialists, other medical institutions and patients is secure

Improved post-treatment care and follow-ups, ‘see’ patients in their own homes


You care. Make it show with a cost-effective Nexmo telehealth solution that breaks down patient / professional barriers.

Comunications API leaders, Nexmo’s platform integrates WebRTC directly into new or existing telehealth services, raising the level of care you can provide

Securely connect healthcare professionals with patients on any device

Assess patients remotely in real time

Nexmo’s enterprise-grade technology and 24/7 support make custom healthcare app development easy

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