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Phoenix Audio

Audio hardware that’s complex on the inside, simple on the outside

Founded in 2004, California-based Phoenix Audio Technologies specialises in top end audio conferencing hardware that’s easy to use. If exceptional sound quality combined with plug-and-play convenience is what you’re looking for, Phoenix Audio is the answer.
Phoenix Audio audio conferencing hardware

Our top product picks

Stingray MT700-DSP mixer

Stingray (MT700) DSP Mixer

An 8-channel automatic DSP mixer for installed room applications, the Stingray is both wall-mountable and ideal for table top.

Incredibly easy to use and set up with no IT intervention or training required, it’s virtually plug and play

Built-in amplifier with advanced echo cancelling and noise suppression

Supports up to 60 microphone inputs using the Phoenix proprietary daisy chain protocol

Supports USB, SIP, and analogue communication for use with VolP, SIP client, and video conferencing Codec solutions

Stingray MT700 Datasheet

Smart Spider MT503 USB analogue

Smart Spider (MT503) USB & Analogue

A speakerphone with an exceptionally large broadcasting and pickup range, the Smart Spider may be small and discreet, but it has the power to turn any room into a conference room.

Suitable for table-top use or ceiling mount

Easily connects to any computer, smart phone or tablet

Four microphone beamforming array

Full duplex communication

Daisy chain up to 14 units

Advanced echo cancelling and noise suppression

Smart Spider MT503 Datasheet

Spider MT505 conference speakerphone

SIP Spider (MT505) USB & SIP

The ideal tabletop conference speakerphone for any sized room, the MT505 supports both SIP telephony and USB connectivity.

Advanced daisy-chain capability allows connection to multiple Smart Spiders all powered from a single power source

Acoustic echo cancellation and ambient room noise suppression

Four directional microphones with automatic voice-level adjustment

Power over Ethernet (PoE), no unsightly cables

Compatible with all cloud conferencing apps, including Zoom and Skype for Business

SIP Spider MT505 Datasheet

Condor MT600 microphone array

Condor (MT600) Microphone Array

A 15-microphone array with built-in DSP, Condor has a pickup range of up to nine metres, making it ideal for conference rooms, classrooms and executive offices.

Compatible with any speaker or sound bar

Plug and play – no additional drivers required

Wall-mountable or stand-mountable for flat surfaces

Advanced noise suppression and echo cancellation

Built-in SIP speakerphone

Power over Ethernet (PoE) or via USB means no unsightly cables

Condor MT600 Datasheet

Why Phoenix Audio?

From microphones, to speakerphones, to audio conferencing mixers – their hardware is easy to install and even easier to use. No need to be an AV or IT expert to understand how to integrate their audio hardware – you just plug and play

An uncompromising focus on innovation means their products deliver best-in-class audio performance that allows you to speak as freely and naturally as possible, without any loss in quality

Their hardware is designed to be used either on its own, or to complement all your existing conferencing devices and video solutions

Its advanced daisy-chain functionality means there is no room too big for Phoenix Audio

Q Distribution supplies the entire Phoenix Audio hardware range. Contact us today for an easy-to-use HD sound solution.

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