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Get ahead in the fast-changing omni-channel retail space with technology-driven solutions that put you in touch with your customers.

Video Conferencing Software Solutions



Reach your customers at the right time, in the right place with the right message. Q Distribution can help with retail management and customer interaction solutions that take the hard work out of sales.


Maximise customer satisfaction and retention, minimise pressure on your call centres – VidyoEngage makes it possible.

In store, on your website and on any smart device, video chat to your customers

Give customers easy access to subject-matter experts

Stream customers more effectively and minimise waiting times

Plan call centre resourcing more effectively


Q-nomy – the omnichannel retail management tool. It doesn’t just do one thing, it does everything.

Allow your sales staff to plan their day’s appointments

Effectively route customers to the most appropriate sales person

Prioritize customers according to their profile, transaction value or any other business rule

Increase sales by directing agents to valuable prospects and improving agents’ effectiveness at the point of sale

Manage all in-store media channels – video, print and interactive via a single software system

CRM integration for prioritizing and improving sales tips for identified customers

Manage your queues and routing intelligently, whether in-store, online or on the phone

Inform or entertain customers with targeted queue messages

Identify staffing levels requirements and challenges quickly


World leader in communication APIs for retail and e-commerce.

Give customers proactive, personalised support with in-app messaging, voice, and artificial intelligence

Validate customer credentials with intent-driven verification and authentication

Engage customers on their preferred social channel with real-time support

Lower cart abandonment with easier checkouts

Analyse customer behaviour, spot trends and anticipate shopper intent

Nexmo’s enterprise-grade technology and 24/7 support makes custom retail app development easy

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