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Make the conversation flow with telephony for this century, not the last.

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Still using 20th century landline-based telephony in your business? It’s time to take your phone communications to the sky, with cloud-based solutions that are not only cheaper, but more reliable and endlessly scalable.


Delivering better quality conversations for business.

Telviva leads the way in providing cloud-based telephony platforms tailored for South African business. Whether you want to marry your traditional PBX and call centre infrastructure with the benefits of VoIP or embrace the new world outright with a 100% cloud-based telephony solution, Telviva is the answer. As official agent, Q Distribution can help you make that leap.
Telviva cloud based telephony

A 100% cloud-based PBX VoIP system for business that works with all current telephony hardware as well as mobile devices

Secure off-site hosting – no need to buy hardware or maintain any systems

Limitless scalability – pay per user and add users only as you need to

Record calls, monitor call activity, get cost tracking and reporting

Cut costs – avoid traditional PBX infrastructure outlay and expensive moving costs; free your business from pricey and unreliable landlines

A low-cost solution ideal for inbound or outbound call centres with high call volumes

Telviva’s hosted contact centre integrates easily into existing company systems and databases

Record calls automatically or on demand and store them for up to a year

Improve the customer experience thanks to smart queue routing

Incredibly scalable on so many levels – add agents as you needs to; create as many call queues and campaigns as you want to

World-class reporting and real-time monitoring of call traffic, lost calls, agent behaviour and more, plus the flexibility to configure your own reporting metrics

Extend the benefits of VoIP to your existing PBX legacy system with Telviva SIP Trunk

Vastly improved sound quality and greater reliability than PBX systems utilising traditional landlines

Communicate at a fraction of the cost of PSTN or mobile calls with cheaper per-second call rates anywhere plus free internal calls and free intra-branch calls

Get access to VoIP features like real-time monitoring, recording, call forwarding and caller ID


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